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Talking about the choice of ink manufacturer equipment

May 6, 2021

From October 22nd to 23rd, Shanghai Environmental Protection Ink and Varnish Innovation Development Forum was held in Shanghai. This forum brings together well-known professors and famous enterprises from North Industry and Commerce, Beihua, Beiyin, Wuda, New Oriental, Incofan, Unilever, Green Spring, Shanghai Printing Association, etc. to discuss water-based inks, UV inks, water-based varnish, Environmentally friendly offset printing, as well as green printing and other current hot topics of concern to the industry.

Allwin has participated in the forum as a multi-year participant in the industry, as a provider of distributed grinding and mixing researchers and production equipment value.


01: Ink evaluation standard

Ink standards are different in all walks of life. Take the printing factory as an example, you need to pay attention to the following points:


02: Ink production requirements for Grinding mills

As can be seen from the above examples of the printing industry: a good paper ink must ensure a high quality grinding process. This puts a rigid requirement on the choice of sand mill. Not only the amount of processing, grinding efficiency, and economic efficiency need to be ensured, but also the factors related to product quality such as grinding accuracy and stability. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the ink water-based products, it is also required that the electromechanical machine should not rust or block, so as not to affect the service life

We have 12 national Patents on coating equipment. and offer free grinding tests and technical upgrades for VIP customers.


Allwin's research on sand mill

Allwin’s Dreams and Practice

Become a more valuable chemical industry equipment supplier

Plans for the next three years - technology, production, service

From manual operation - semi-automatic operation - unmanned operation; improve performance, more than double the trouble-free running time; improve efficiency, propose more accurate integrated solution process solutions; solve auxiliary problems, extend product development, machine replacement People; the use of PLM system, improve the coordination of the R & D department, the management level is faster and better to launch customer service projects and programs.



Employees' learning habits

Purchase 1 or 2 sets of Haas-milling and lathe, purchase 6150 large-scale CNC lathes, purchase one of Haas' 4-axis machining centers, increase processing capacity by more than 5 times, consider introducing industrial 3D printers, and introduce ERP systems; Let production system operators develop learning habits.



Improve service levels

Customer service time increased by 35%, customer service staff increased: customer service increased from current 4 people to 7 ones, online customer service reached 4 people, 2 people are charge of domestic, the balanced is a charge of the oversea, door to door customer service increase from 4 to 8; upgrade service Level: The training time of the customer service department is increased from 2 days to 9 days.

Building a more competitive Allwin with scientific development

Linear Amplification Technology of Sand Grinding Machine: realized the consistency of Linear Amplification from the Experimental data given to us by the customer material to the Linear Amplification of the Model produced for the customers.


In the past four years, the company has attached great importance to Linear Amplification Technology, through the upgrading of laboratories, accurate calculations and repeated data touches, the laboratory has realized the linear amplification technology of production.

“what we advocate is not selling products, but solving problems for customers."


The success of Allwin has a great relationship with its persistent spirit. The spirit of Allwin is to solve the needs of customers at a high level and to realize their dreams. The realization of customer’s dreams is the goal that every enterprise pursues, but it should pay more for it.


Take the grind mills as an example. Several customers also need a 30L grind mill, but the customers’ demands are different. Some are production, some are temperature, some are fineness, and to meet the customer's demands, it is necessary to understand the relationship between 15 major factors of grinding and dispersion. To understand the interaction of various factors, the change of each factor, other factors will be adjusted accordingly around this appeal.


04: Looking forward to serving you

Domestic customers: Dongguan Yingke(Dongguan, Zhejiang Province), Hebei Yingke Ink Co., Ltd., Shanghai Li-color Ink Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinli Ink, Changxing Jia Dijia Technology Co., Ltd. (Afeite), Chengdu toddler New material Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lego Ink Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Iris Ink Co., Ltd.


Overseas customers: Akzo Nobel Coatings (Tianjin, Jiashan, Dongguan, Thailand, Indonesia) Co., Ltd., Vesper Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Cosco Kansai (Zhuhai/Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Japan Nippon Refining, Malaysia LH Machine (M) Sdn. Bhd and so on.


Committed to solving the customization needs of each customer is the fundamental reason why Allwin has achieved today's achievements. Allwin is looking forward to serving you and contributing to your ink manufacturing.


Allwin introduction:

◆ Our aim: Committed to solving problems at a high level and create value for customers.

◆ Our Commitment: Provide 24-hour comprehensive service to our global customers.

◆ Our goal: to become a more valuable supplier of chemical industrial equipment and to serve our global customers.